About the Group


Continuous improvement

Throughout our more than 50 years of activity in the construction sector we have consolidated broad-ranging and really profitable experience, which supports us in continuing every day to maintain the validity of our best values as the main aims of the Copisa Group: effectiveness in undertaking all our actions, our constant capacity of response to our clients and considering as our own the development of our society.


From the execution and repair of vertical and sloping seawalls, wharves and jetties of different types: gravity, concrete caisson and piling. Our experience in port works allows our company to execute any project – from freight or passenger terminals, marinas, to the creation of docks –. Regarding river works, we are able to monitor aquatic systems and environmental development in real time, as well as to construct fishing ports and piers.


Today, as then, this philosophy of improvement is what characterises the Group’s personality and is what moves us to inquire incessantly in our daily progress in all facets. And it is with the firmness due to this that we are able to achieve and work with a definite policy of continuous improvement, thus contributing to the consolidation of our business.

Action areas

With our central headquarters at Torre Copisa, Plaza de Europa 2-4, 08902 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain, at present the Copisa Group embraces five ambits of action:

Concessions: from construction to exploitation.

Infrastructures: through the execution of civil works and building projects.

Industrial: including the design, construction and assembly of all kinds of plants and installations.

Maintenance: industrial, comprehensive services in buildings and installations, and also in infrastructures.

Restoration and refurbishment: monumental heritage, historic heritage, unique and contemporary works.