Social Responsibility

After more than 50 years of business operations, our Group remains committed to 3 differential traits or qualities which are crucial in understanding the success of the entire organisation: the efficiency that epitomises our operations, a proactive approach to our customers and the robust engagement of our entire team. This approach, which also benefits the whole community, additionally meets our commitment to bequeath a better world using our business model which is based on creating value. As a result in 2010 we signed up to the United Nations Global Compact and have been members of the Spanish Global Compact Network since 2013. Furthermore, we also report our results following the G4 Guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative as a guarantee of transparency in conveying information to our stakeholders about the Group’s annual progress on the triple economic, social and environmental fronts.


Our more versatile team

Without them, without their knowledge and abilities, without their motivation and enthusiastic dedication in the performance of all their activities, it would be impossible to understand our progress, our leadership and our position in the world today. They are the real engine of the company and the image of our organisation and the values that drive it. Yet these values, which also crucial in the Copisa Group’s success in the pursuit of excellence, also underlie our policies for managing our human resources as we seek to ensure a rational balance that makes it possible for our employees to combine work and family life. It is in this broad sense that we address the closely linked ideas of managing diversity and equal opportunities, welfare at work, Health and safety, training and in general any initiatives that further the full professional development of our human team. The Copisa Group keeps all dialogue channels open and constantly strives to achieve a harmonious social environment. This approach has a long-term impact on increasing our business opportunities.

R&D&I, quality & environment


Innovation as a distinctive component or factor in R&D means we have to find multiple solutions to the challenges our projects and works set us every day. As a result over recent years at the Copisa Group we have been internally promoting partnership between all the parties involved in obtaining new ideas that enable new projects. Our organisation already has a technical applications department which uses the most innovative ones on the market and whose work consists of ongoing research that delivers solutions to problems that usually originate in the industrial field as well as in the field of building and civil works.
Today we know that in order to better meet the needs of our line of business, the R&D of the future will have to tackle artificial vision and address its coming applications. It is for this reason that now in 2016 we have expanded our partnership with a range of universities and research centres that are mainly working in this field.

Design and development of remotely piloted aircraft systems.

Quality & environment

This is one of the pillars that define our Group. Especially when awareness about conserving the environment is constantly increasing in a global community, companies like the Copisa Group are called on to work responsibly so that together we can deliver increasingly sustainable development. To that end our particular purpose is to minimise pollution at all levels while at the same time we move forward in energy efficiency and saving natural resources. All Copisa Group personnel are engaged in this purpose by tailoring, for instance, works management plans to the environmental requirements of each workplace, as all our actions are based on familiarity, updating and strict compliance with the regulations in force in each of the countries in which we operate. We have an advanced online environment updating and management system in place which we use at the international, national, regional and local level.

Quality, environment, R&D&I and energy integrated policy.

Copisa Group’s Environmental Performance Evaluation.

Workplace health risks prevention

For years our Occupational health and safety policy has made us into a leader in all the countries where we operate. This is mainly due to the special importance this issue has always had for the Copisa Group as a priority in corporate management. Now fully implemented across the entire organisation and established in our international operations, our results today are optimum and comparable in every sense to our activity in Spain.
We strive every day to comply with rules and procedures that are based on two essential points: training and monitoring working conditions. The Group’s OHS organisation is based on strict compliance with OHSAS 18001 standards and puts us in an excellent position to tailor these regulations to the situation in each country by providing added value and meeting our main health, training and working conditions and equipment monitoring objectives.

Occupational Risk Prevention policiy of Copisa Group.