Access ramp connecting the Cabanasas Mine with the mineral processing plant, Súria, Barcelona. Spain.

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The Cabanasas Mine is in Súria. The extraction shaft is immediately to the north of the town centre and the processing plant is to the south. Taking into account that the mineral from the extraction shaft at the Cabanasas Mine is transported to the factory by trucks which have to go through the little town of Súria and that there are two schools close to the shaft and the factory, Iberpotash decided to have a ramp built to allow the mineral to be transported from the mine to the factory, without causing a nuisance to the population of Súria.
The access ramp will link the Cabanasas Mine facilities, which are in the North Block of the El Tordell fault and at a depth varying between -300 m and -500 m asl, with the Iberpotash, S.A. facilities in Súria, in the South Block of the El Tordell fault and at a height of 300 m (asl).
The ramp is divided into six sections based on its turns.