Our Engineering Department is a leader in the application of the BIM (Building Information Modeling) methodology in the design, auditing and monitoring of construction projects.

We have an experienced team of engineers with official BIM accreditations capable of meeting the needs of clients from the phases of planning, design, construction, commissioning and transfer of information for subsequent maintenance in open IFC format.

The consolidation of the use of the BIM methodology in the company has led us to achieve relevant milestones in terms of the execution of flagship projects. Led by the Engineering Department, a transversal implementation has been carried out, offering BIM design and construction services with its own means, optimizing processes and contributing its experience in managing the entire life cycle of an asset. We emphasize that the use of the BIM methodology has led to an increase in global sustainability in projects.

This methodology has served as the basis for increasing prefabrication activities, thus contributing to minimizing the impact of the works on the environment in which they are carried out, allowing the optimization of designs to optimize the use of materials, minimizing reviews and work on site, and carrying out a better estimation of the quantities of materials, thus reducing surplus labor.

As a result of the experience obtained from implementing such a methodology since 2014, we provide our clients with three important factors:

RELIABILITY, thanks to BIM monitoring with own personnel.

SECURITY, due to the control processes that protect the investment and reduce risks and unforeseen events.


Grupo Copisa is committed to and prioritizes the application of Lean Construction tools in the execution of projects. Seeking to maximize the value for each agent, minimize waste, facilitate collaboration and encourage collaborative work and involvement, we achieve an increase in productivity and reliability in production.

An example of the implementation of Lean Construction, in which the Integrated Project Delivery, Last Planner System and BIM processes have been applied, is the construction of the Covid Hospital in Bellvitge in 17 weeks.

Modular construction in 17 weeks of the Bellvitge Multipurpose Hospital Center, Barcelona.

Drafting of the project and construction of a multipurpose hospital building (iCovid) on the grounds of the University Hospital of Bellvitge, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat.

The drafting of the project and its construction are done with the “Lean Construction” management system with BIM modeling and with an IPD (Integrated Project Delivery) orientation.

The building consists of PB + 4 with a technical gallery on the top floor, where all the facilities are located. The building foresees the possibility of extending one more floor in height. The project considers a constructed area of 4,938.70 m²