Social Responsibility

Members of the Spanish Global Compact Network

Our business model is based on creating value through combining the talent of our team and the capabilities of our entire organisation. It benefits the community in the countries where we operate and expresses our firm commitment to leaving a better world behind us.
Our adherence in 2010 to the United Nations Global Compact and in 2013 to the Spanish Global Compact Network bear out our aspiration to contribute to shaping fairer societies in an increasingly sustainable environment.
The way we report on our progress in Corporate Social Responsibility is based on the cross-reference table between the 10 principles of the Global Compact the indicators in the G4 version of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). They mean we can monitor CSR by stressing the results we achieve in the most significant aspects of our management while also continuing to transparently and accurately provide information about our annual progress in the triple bottom line.
The Compliance Policy summarizes the basic principles of Copisa Group regarding regulatory compliance, and reinforces our business ethics, transparency and conduct. In this sense, the ethical channel is available, noy only to employees, but also to our stakeholders.


Our more versatile team

Due to the group’s strong presence in the global market, the people who make up our organisation are a highly professional team that takes on board new uses, cultures and languages to become equally cohesive, capable and reliable. The Copisa Group constantly promotes their skills, capacities and abilities so they can achieve their utmost career development. It also ensures promotion of all workers is based on their individual merit and within the framework of our corporate commitment to equal opportunities.

R&D&I, quality & environment

R&D&I. Innovation drive

Innovation is a driver of transformation which fosters our progress and consequently makes us twice as effective and even more competitive. This is borne out by looking at our recent track record in implementing large infrastructure projects. Today our R&D department tasked with technology watch identifies any scientific breakthroughs in the countless projects that research generates: it measures, assesses and disseminates them among our highly qualified personnel, giving rise to great ideas that take shape in the numerous actions we carry out in both building and civil works.
During 2017 our technicians have been perfecting software started in previous years whose priority objective is the development of a robust system for the detection and analysis of cracks and/or fissures in inaccessible areas of large surfaces. Through monitoring images and data over time we will feed a supervised learning system that enables rapid classification and helps with diagnosis and evolution of the pathology with utmost precision.
New technologies, new applications
BIM. Our Engineering Department is a pioneer in the use of BIM methodology in the design, audit and monitoring of construction projects. We have an experienced team of engineers and surveyors with official BIM accreditations who can meet the needs of customers from the planning and design phases to the construction and subsequent operation phases.
Project management. Through advanced project management techniques we can manage EPC and turnkey projects which integrate Engineering, Civil Works, Systems and Commissioning. Effective management by our project managers allows us to combine the expertise of the various Copisa Group companies in the project’s value chain.
IT tools. Our organisation’s project management is based on using IT tools developed in-house which allow comprehensive management of the value chain and real-time monitoring of the projects’ evolution.


Design and development of remotely piloted aircraft systems.


Quality & environment

Process quality monitoring and improvement are part of our organisation’s business culture which requires the staff working in our group to be as exigent and thorough as possible in order to meet our customers’ expectations.
Our operations’ environmental impact is a priority objective in our environmental policy geared towards controlling or reducing it or finally eliminating it.
Today this process is based on an environmental management system implemented in our organisation under UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015. The successive improvements introduced in it allow us to identify risks and opportunities and determine with greater effectiveness both the objectives and the actions required in order to address any damage to the environment.
The efforts of all our organisation’s departments involved in internal and external analysis processes enable us to identify and control any environmental risk. This Group commitment entails the implementation of a series of measures which have been put in place in recent years. They include:
Environmental training for all group personnel to publicise our environmental policy and the measures to be taken for each project.
• Implementation of measures to lessen environmental impact set out in the environmental IPP for each work or project.
Reuse of site material wherever possible.
Identification of environmental legal requirements applicable to projects and works.
Drawing up emergency plans to ensure an immediate response to any incidents and running training talks to raise awareness among all staff.
In addition and following the publication of the new version of UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015 in September, as a member of the Advisory Council for the Certification of Construction Companies the Copisa Group has taken part in reviewing and drawing up the “Interpretive Guide to UNE-EN ISO 14001:1996 for Construction Companies” published in order to include the new requirements and specify the guidelines for its application in a construction company. Our intention with the publication of this guide is to make usage of environmental management standards more widespread in the construction sector as this will be of benefit for both companies and society as a whole.


Quality, environment, R&D&I and energy integrated policy.

Copisa Group’s Environmental Performance Evaluation.

Workplace health risks prevention

Our management system based on strict compliance with OHSAS 18001 puts us in an excellent position to tailor this standard to each of countries in which we operate. We deliver added value in addition to meeting our main health, training and working conditions and team monitoring objectives.


Occupational Risk Prevention policiy of Copisa Group.