Copisa Group and its subsidiaries Copisa Constructora Pirenaica and CPI Industrial Engineering have obtained from AENOR the certifications ISO 37001 involving anti-bribery and UNE 19601 involving criminal compliance, thus becoming one of the first construction groups to achieve these two awards.

Leaders in BIM methodology

Nuestro Departamento de Ingeniería es líder en la aplicación de la metodología BIM (Building Information Modeling) en el diseño, la auditoría y el seguimiento de proyectos constructivos. Contamos con un experimentado equipo de ingenieros con acreditaciones oficiales BIM …

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The Copisa Group specialises in the execution of large projects and complex works, operating in the sectors of civil works (roads, railways, tunnels, bridges, hydraulic works, maritime and river works), building (residential and service), restoration and refurbishment (comprehensive, historical and artistic, façades, roofs, party walls, etc), industrial projects (nuclear power plants, chemical and petrochemical industries, thermal power plants, combined cycles, co-generation, mining, automotive, modular plants, bio-diesel), global projects (EPC)maintenance (industrial, building and infrastructures) and concessions (construction, maintenance and operation of large infrastructures).

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From our beginnings to the present we have steadily extended a growing active presence in our business areas. Investing resources appropriately has enabled us to position ourselves in other markets. As a result of our commitment sustained over the years, and after having gradually extended our footprint in the most diverse geographical contexts in Europe, America and Africa, the Copisa Group is now firmly established on these continents.

Today the major importance of our expansion makes a significant contribution to the financial results of the holding founded on the strength of our operations in civil works, building and industrial projects.

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Grupo Copisa practises Corporate Social Responsibility in accordance with the Principles of the Global Compact, with the aim of contributing to and creating fairer societies in increasingly sustainable environments.

We aspire to increasingly ambitious targets, such as those currently proposed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), with the contribution to the achievement of its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), striving to have an impact in the areas of climate change, economic inequality, innovation, sustainable consumption, peace and justice, among other priorities we also endeavour to pursue.

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Copisa Group
Grupo Copisa|Copisa

The Copisa Group was founded in 1959 and operates in the global market in the construction, industrial, maintenance and concessions sectors.

Our business model, based on the creation of value as a result of combining the talent of our staff and the capabilities of our entire organisation, benefits the local community in the countries where we operate. Our commitment to society is a hallmark of our company.

Our corporate governance and therefore our entire organisation share the principles that support Corporate Social Responsibility, whose effects drive and at the same time optimise our management and the quality of all our processes.

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Grupo Copisa

60 años de actividad operando en el sector de la construcción 

Basando nuestro modelo de negocio en la creación de valor, tras 60 años presentes en el sector de la construcción, los pilares de Grupo Copisa se muestran igual de firmes con el paso del tiempo, pues se corresponden con tres ideas básicas que a diario prueban el éxito de la Compañía: la eficacia que define nuestras actuaciones en cualquier escenario, la continua capacidad de respuesta hacia nuestros clientes y el mero hecho de considerar como propio el desarrollo del Grupo inclusivo a todo el equipo humano.