Auditorium, theatre and library at Vandellós, Tarragona. Spain.

Building, Construcción, Construction

Copisa builds the auditorium, theater and bookstore in Vandellós. The building is composed of different interlinked volumes forming the auditorium, theatre and library. The building is situated on a site of 3,600 m². The site also holds the old water tower, which is preserved and strengthened. This is a listed building by the architect Bonet and is one of the most readily identified images of the district.

Principal work units:
Services affected, earth movements, foundations, concrete and metal structure, insulation, exterior closures, roofs, interior closures, door furniture, flooring, wooden carpentry, lift, installations (air conditioning, theatre-auditorium-stage, vestibule, multipurpose room, dressing rooms, library mezzanine, library, plumbing and sanitary fittings, drainage, electricity, voice-dataintrusion telecommunications system, fire precautions), urbanisation and amenities.