Building and operating project for the seawater desalination plant at Andratx, Mallorca. Spain.

Construcción, Construction, Hidraulic

Seawater desalination plant using the reverse osmosis system.

Most relevant tasks:

• Pumping of seawater using four DN 600 mm wells, 150 m in depth.
• Three thousand metres of DN 800 mm polyester piping.
• Intermediate pumping of seawater from a 400 m³ tank.
• Three sand filters.
• Three 7,000 m³/day reverse osmosis frames.
• Treated water tank with a capacity of 3,250 m³.
• Pumping of treated water using DN 600 mm cast piping.
• PRFV DN 600 mm brine piping.
• Office building.

Main building work units performed:

• Seawater capture wells.
• Piping for seawater capture, brine and treated product water.
• Turbo pumps.
• Membranes.
• Office building and process building.