Extension of the south canal, primary network in the province of Guanacaste. Costa Rica.

Activities, Construcción, Construction, Hidraulic

The extension of the South Canal (CS) involves the construction of a main canal measuring 33.4 km in length, lined with tufa cement and designed to drive 15.0 m3 per second in the section between the Cañas River and the Lajas River. This canal is connected to the existing section of the South Canal by a reinforced concrete pipe. It then continues as an open canal as far as the works for the Cañas River crossing, consisting of a spillway, dam and a siphon. From this siphon the canal then continues to the Jabilla River, where a control dam and siphon crossing the channel of the Jabilla and Salitral rivers are located. The canal is then run across the Higuerón River where control dams, spillways and a siphon are to be built. The canal next continues to the area near the Lajas River with a capacity of 12.5 m3 per second, crossing the Lajas River by means of another siphon and then continues through three more depressions in the La Palma, Soledad and Vara Blanca gullies, also through siphons. In this final stretch its cross section diminishes its capacity to 10 m3 per second before reaching its end with a capacity of 0.70 m3 per second. Right along the length of the canal a number of hydraulic structures including dams, bridges, culverts, siphons and outlets are to be built.