Mining and Energy

Proyecto hidroeléctrico Torito Costa Rica - Copisa
Torito Hydroelectric Project, Costa Rica.
Parque eolico Mihai Viteazu Rumanía - Copisa
Construction of a wind farm at Mihai Viteazu, Romania.
Subestación eléctrica Facultats, Barcelona - Copisa
Construction of the undreground substation called Facultats, Barcelona. Spain.
Extension of a mineral factory in the desert, Mauritania.
Access ramp connecting the Cabanasas Mine with the mineral processing plant, Súria, Barcelona. Spain.
Construction and exploitation of a system for production of centralized energy (cold and heat, biomass and solar). Central Energy Building in the Zona Franca, Barcelona. Spain.
Mechanical works to carry out the total dismantling of the electromechanical equipment, common elements of water collection, spillage of the generators of Badalona Power Station. Barcelona. Spain.
The Ascó nuclear power plant, key infrastructure for development, Tarragona. Spain.
Installation of a rotary dryer system for bauxite and support buildings, Kamsar. Republic of Guinea.
Copisa Tasiast Mauritania
Installation of structure for gold ore treatment, Tasiast. Mauritania.