Awards and Certifications


The Mestre Andreu school institute of Sant Joan de les Abadesses, built by Copisa, has obtained the mention architectures in the Architecture Awards of the counties of Girona 2019.

At the Venice Architecture Biennale (Catalonia Pavilion) included the Cerdanya Cross-border Hospital (2007-2012) in Puigcerdà, Spain, designed by Brullet-Pineda Arquitectes and built by Copisa.

FAD Interior Design Prize was awarded to the metro stations on Line 9 (Mercabarna, Parc Logístic and Europa/Fira) in Barcelona, Spain. (Designers: Garcés-de Seta-Bonet Arquitectes, Tec4 Enginyers Consultors) and contractor UTE Estacions Aeroport L9, a company in which Copisa has a stake.

The Municipal Sports Center of la Ciudadela (BATLLE I ROIG Arquitectes), executed by Copisa, has been awarded the IAKS Gold Metal 2015, prize given by the International Association for Sport and Leisure Facilities to the most important sports buildings of the period 2013-2015.

Beyond Building Construmat 2015 Prizes for Innovation, Sustainability and Social Work have awarded the Civil Engineering Selection Diploma to the work done by COPISA: reconditioning the TV-3148 road and its surroundings in Vila-seca. Tarragona.

The housing complex and facilities in Navas de Tolosa street (Barcelona), Spain, sponsored by the Barcelona Municipal Housing Board (Patronat Municipal de l’Habitatge) and built by Copisa, has won the 2013 AVS Best Practices in Social Housing Award for best new build development presented by the Association of Public Land and Housing Developers (AVS España).

The Port of Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona), Spain, managed by Copisa Group company Vilanova Grand Marina, is now the 10th most attractive port in Europe according to the Italian website Marcopolo TV.

The inclusion of Vilanova Grand Marina in this ranking confirms the international recognition achieved by this marina which after four years of operations in 2013 has established itself as a benchmark for large yachts in the Mediterranean due to its specialisation in superyachts and hi-tech services, in addition to its location close to Barcelona.

CPI Copisa Industrial has received an award from Celsa as the best performing contractor in 2013.

5th Segovia Aqueduct Awards: second prize for environmental protection and upgrading works on the River Serpis at Gandía: “The city facing the river”.

Atlante Prevention of Labour Risks Awards (Line 9 Working Group. Hyperbaric Work). Special Award to the Line 9 Working Group which brings together private companies and institutions involved in building Line 9 of the Barcelona Metro and which has made a valuable theoretical, practical and training contribution to occupational health and safety in hyperbaric work with EPB TBMs (they inject pressurised air to stabilise the ground to be drilled). The work done by the Line 9 Working Group has been especially valuable in terms of OHS because this type of TBM had not been used before in Spain for drilling.

Distinction Interior decoration in the Ceramic, Architecture and Interior Decoration Prizes, for the “Fira 2 metro station of Line 9 in Barcelona”. The Joint Venture with Estacions Aeroport L9 entrusted the pre-project to Toyo Ito and carried out the project and its execution.

Two mentions awarded by ESSENT to CPI Copisa Industrial for the development of works under the VCA certificate system in safety and health, current in Germany and Benelux, in being without a single accident or incident in the ambit of industrial safety in the works carried out on the BoP in the “Claus C” Combined Cycle Power Station in Maasbracht, Holland.

Two Certificates of Recognition awarded by Técnicas Reunidas and Galp Energia for high quality in industrial performance (High Quality Industrial Performance Award) to CPI Copisa Industrial in the Sines Refinery Conversion Project in Portugal: Certificate of recognition as one of the companies participating in the project on achieving 8 million hours worked without accidents. Special mention for the contribution to safe working.

SABIC Cartagena Prize for 3 years without accidents OSHA.

INTECSA REPSOL YPF FLUOR Tarragona Prize without accidents OSHA.

“Deal of the Year” Prize, from the magazine Project Finance in 2010.

CONSTRUMAT Civil Engineering Prize 2009.

Prize Ex aequo. XXX “Ricardo Magdalena” Trophy for Architecture. 2009.

Premio DOW-CHEMICAL Parada del Cracker 1995.

Second prize. 24th “Fernando García Mercadal” Prize for Architecture 2009.

FAD Prize for architecture and interior decorating 2008.

“The Bizz Awards” from the WORLD CONFEDERATION OF BUSINESSES, 2008.

Annual Prize for Architecture. “Fernando García Mercadal”. 2008.

Project HPP Cartagena Prize for the safest contractor in 2007 and 2008.

MC MUTUAL “Antonio Baró” Prize for LRP in 2006.

Mention for building and equipment for non-residential use. “Fernando García Mercadal”, Annual Prize for Architecture. 2003.

Reconocimiento REPSOL YPF Tarragona Parada Olefinas 2002.

Vendor Prize for Quality. 2002.

Acknowledgement REPSOL YPF Tarragona Parada Olefinas 2002.

Europa Nostra Diploma. 2001.

Special mention in category of the National ARPA Prize. 2000.

“Fernando García Mercadal” Annual Prize for Architecture. 2000.

Europa Nostra Diploma. 1999.

National Prize for Restoration and Preservation of Cultural Assets 1999.

“Ricardo Magdalena” XX Trophy. 1999.


All of the Copisa Group’s activities are in accordance with current laws, both in respect of obtaining the required accreditations and, where appropriate, the due updates or renewals of certifications already obtained:













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Aenor: Quality Assurance System for Nuclear Facilities UNE 73401: 1995: CPI Copisa Industrial.

ANAV, CV Vandellós and CN Ascó I and II electrical maintenance support system in accordance with UNE 73401: 1995: CPI Copisa Industrial

CERNE, Audit Certificate of Occupational Risk Prevention System: Copisa, Copisa Group Copisa Industrial, CPI Integrated Services, Estructuras Aragón (EASA), Natur System

AEQT-AEST, Audit of maintenance companies qualification, result FIVE STARS: CPI Copisa Industrial

supplier certified by Achilles South Europe, in accordance with the standards of the RePro Committee: CPI Copisa Industrial, Copisa, CPI Integrated Services

supplier certified by Achilles South Europe, in accordance with the ENEL / ENDESA company qualification standards: CPI Copisa Industrial

supplier certified by Achilles South Europe, in accordance with the business qualification standards in Electrical Maintenance and the I & C Systems in Thermal Power Plants: CPI Copisa Industrial

supplier certified by Achilles South Europe, in accordance with company qualification standards in Electrical maintenance and the I & C Systems in Hydraulic Plants: CPI Copisa Industrial

supplier certified by Achilles South Europe, in accordance with the standards of the Docuplus Committee: Copisa

supplier certified by Achilles South Europe, in accordance with the standards of the proTrans Committee: Copisa, CPI Copisa Industrial

ARESPA. Certified company in executing historical-artistic works: Natur System

CONSTA, Applus+ managing body: Natur System.

RIME, Commission for the refurbishment and maintenance of buildings in Catalonia: Natur System

RASIC: Copisa, CPI Copisa Industrial, CPI Integrated Services.

RERA (Register of Companies with Asbestos Risk): Copisa, CPI Copisa Industrial

steel structure components, Marking (CE) EN 1090-2, EN 1091: 2009 + A1: 2011: Copisa, CPI Copisa Industrial

Aguas Andinas certificate: Copisa Chile.

ESVAL: Copisa Chile.

A&F accreditation for Inversiones Centenario S.A.A: Copisa Peru

Bureau Veritas supplier certificate for Volcan Compañía Minera S.A.A.: Copisa Peru

Health, Safety and Environment Evaluation Certificate issued by SGS for Compañía Minera Antamina: Copisa Peru

Awards and Certifications
Awards and Certifications