Copisa has been entrusted with construction of the pedestrian walkway that will connect Madrid Río with the Manzanares Linear Park

The walkway to be built by Copisa will be 1.4 kilometres long and will include a wooden footbridge over the riverbed. Construction of the walkway will begin in August.

The walkway, featuring a wooden footbridge, is designed for use by pedestrians and cyclists alike,  and will be 1.4 kilometres long and 2.5 metres wide. The City Council will build a pedestrian path connecting Madrid Río and the Manzanares Linear Park, to enable continuous transit along the entire stretch of river, and to unite the southern area of the capital with the city centre. Construction will begin in August and is scheduled to last for six months, with a budget of €1,148,804.46.

The aim of the Department of the Environment and Mobility is to unite these two large green areas by a walkway that can be used by pedestrians and cyclists alike. The walkway will run in a north-south direction, next to Manzanares River dam number 9, ending at the main road that surrounds the Manzanares Linear Park, near the M-40.