Heightening of the Santolea reservoir dam on the Guadalope river in Teruel. Spain.

  • Location: Teruel. Spain

The project referred to consisted of work on two dams: enlargement of the Santolea dam and the Bridge dam. The Bridge dam was done first, filling the reservoir generated, in order then to deal with the enlargement of Santolea, while maintaining the exploitation of the system.

The works executed for the Bridge Dam involved building a gravity dam of compacted concrete of mixed form, with a fixed lip overflow channel on the body of the dam and drainage at the bottom, on the bed of the River Guadalope and located approximately 10 km from the village of Castellote –in the tail of the existing reservoir previously called Santolea- which will allow a constant level reservoir to be maintained for environmental protection and recreational uses.

Volumes and most significant items of the Bridge Dam:

23,000 m³ Vibrated concrete H-175 in a stilling basin.
51,711.00 m³ Compacted concrete H-175 in the body of the dam (continuous concreting with vacuum chute).

• Perimeter gallery with access to the drainage at the bottom.
• Dam buttresses constructed with vibrated concrete containing the final section of the perimeter gallery.
• Bottom drainage formed by 2 rectangular conduits 1.20 x 1.50 m2, controlled by a Bureau double floodgate.
• Fixed lip overflow channel, 36 m divided into two 2 openings, 405.45 m³/s for the flooding project and 563.78 m³/s for
the finish.