Construction of a treatment plant and drinking water in La Joya. Peru.

Construcción, Construction, Hidraulic

The purpose of the new Treatment Plant and Drinking Water and Sewage System in the town of La Joya, Arequipa (Peru) is to extend the coverage and enhance the quality of the drinking water used by the inhabitants of the district of La Joya Nueva, including the El Cruce – El Triunfo Sector, and also to help to create healthy living conditions by means of an efficient drinking water and sewer system service. It is further designed to decrease the incidence of gastrointestinal, skin and parasitic diseases and improve the welfare of a population of 24,192 inhabitants.
La Joya’s main sources of water resources are the Chili River and filtering from Huaranguillo, Congata, Tiabaya and El Cural Irrigation, and of sewage from the city of Arequipa which currently runs through the Chili River without being treated in any way.
The project includes the supply of La Joya Nueva. Due to the geographical location of each of the population centres which are quite a distance from each other, it has been divided into five sectors based on their location and a reservoir has been proposed in each sector whose volume will be consistent with the number of people living there.
It is proposed to install a complete fast filtration drinking water treatment plant with pre-treatment for a QMD = 121 Lps and the construction of a V = 620 m3 semi-underground supported control reservoir.
The Drinking Water Treatment Plant mainly involves the following processes: grill chamber, sand trap, pre-chlorination station, hydraulic vertical screen flocculators and a blower room for cleaning the filters with air.
It is planned to install a pipeline that runs from the semi-underground reservoir located in the Drinking Water Treatment Plant to the existing V = 450 m3 reservoir in the El Cruce – El Triunfo sector. This line is to follow the route of the train line.