Construction of the undreground substation called Facultats, Barcelona. Spain.

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The Facultats electricity substation is in the University area of Barcelona. It is an underground work of great extent. It comprises a rectangular area of a useful 64.60×30.60 m (1,976.76 m²) with four levels: the lowest level at an altitude of 40.82 m, the GIS room at 44.80, control room at 49.95 and the slightly variable roof at 56.00.


Principal installations:


Drainage: pumping station for sewage and rainwater from the drains (cleaning, maintenance, fire precautions, etc.) on the lowest floor, in the general inspection pit for soil waters.


Electricity: The building will have the corresponding supply system connected to the mains. This has a three-phase connection at 400/230 V from a company transformer centre.


Earthing network: The purpose is to limit the voltage with respect to earth which may appear in the metal mass, through a defect in insulation (contact voltage).


Air conditioning and Ventilation: As this building is totally underground, the planning allows for forced ventilation in all the rooms, especially the transformer rooms, where the ventilation follows a scale value linked to the evacuation temperature of the room, and also a scale of air generation.


Sprinkler Network: Providing a new installation of fire-fighting water conduits designed to supply sprinklers for the transformer rooms and medium voltage cabins. The fire precaution water tank will always be kept full by means of a float /electro-valve.