Design and construction of National Highway Nº. 3, section: Pozuelo intersection – Jardines del Recuerdo intersection, including the bridge over the river Virilla. Costa Rica.

Activities, Construction, Roadways and Railways

Widening and reconditioning national highway no. 3, section: Pozuelo intersection – Jardines del Recuerdo intersection.
The purpose was to make the existing road into a 4-lane highway, two lanes in each direction, with the relevant hard shoulders and other auxiliary elements, in order to increase the capacity of this section of National Highway No. 3.
The existing surface will be reconditioned and updated throughout the section. The widening of the section will involve adapting the water drainage works.


New bridge over the river Virilla, national highway no. 3.
The doubling of the roadway necessarily means the demolition of the existing bridge and the construction of a new one to cross the river Virilla. The section proposed is the following: This is a bridge in 3 sections of 27.60 – 49.92 and 27.60 m long and 19.92 m wide. The deck will be mixed, steel and concrete, with two continuous longitudinal plate girders of 2.50 m edge, the corresponding bracing and upper supporting reinforced concrete slab of 0.25 m edge.