Jiloca River Regulation Dam, Teruel. Spain.

Activities, Construction, Hidraulic

Includes the following components:
• Dam.
• Spillway.
• Drains and intakes.
• Pump stations.
• Restoration of access road to Lechago.
• Internal roads.
• Administration buildings.
• Environmental impact corrective measures.
• Erosion protection.
• Emergency plan.

Dam on the Pancrudo River some 1,300 m upstream of the mouth of the river where it empties into the Jiloca River, in the town of Calamocha (Teruel), to create a reservoir with a capacity of 18.16 hm³ at elevation 891. It is a straight rockfill dam with a clay core with a total length at the crown of 330 m, maximum height over foundation of 39 m, maximum height over river of 34 m, crest elevation at 895 and crest width of 8 m.