Mechanical works to carry out the total dismantling of the electromechanical equipment, common elements of water collection, spillage of the generators of Badalona Power Station. Barcelona. Spain.

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The extent of the maritime work was defined as from the Eastern collector to the sea water collection heads.
Principal measurements:


Sant Adrià 3 420 m 210 m 35 units 70 units
Sant Adrià 1-2 768 m 192 m 32 units 128 units
Badalona I 432 m 144 m 36 units 72 units
Badalona II 720 m 144 m 18 units 108 units


Demolition of pumps buildings Badalona 1 y Sant Adrià 1 and 2.
The main works to be undertaken in each of the wharfs are:

• Dismantling piping

• Dismantling bedplates

• Dismantling slabs

• Dismantling longitudinal beams (Badalona I and II)

• Dismantling lintels

• Removal of piles

• Final site cleaning

• Demolition and tipping of all the material to chambers