Photovoltaic installations in tanks and ground-mounted installations with a total of 3.7 MW. Barcelona. Spain.

  • Instalación fotovoltaica
  • Instalación fotovoltaica
Generation Plants

Construction of a group of 2 x photovoltaic power stations – 2,900 kW (ETAP Llobregat) and 800 Kw (Trinitat), to generate electricity using photovoltaic technology and the subsequent sale thereof through a direct connection to the grid.

Typology: Turnkey

  • Full engineering of all the installations
  • Supply of solar panels, support structure, electrical panels and switchboards required for the electricity grid
  • Public works, mechanical and electrical assembly, instrumentation and order
  • Quality control
  • Logistics and transport
  • Civil engineering works
  • Assembly of structures, panels, cabling, and network connection
  • Solar Power Plant activation test