Reinstatement of berthing facility N. 1, Iquique port. Chile.

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Due to the earthquakes that affected the area of Tarapacá during April of 2014 and as a result of them, the berthing facility number 1 of Iquique Port was severely damaged, and the areas 1 and 2 became inoperable.

The project of repair consists of the rehabilitation of the works in the berthing facility number 1, composed of the areas 1 and 2, and the repair of the works for protecting this sections, as well as the restoration of the pavement in the graded area, electrical and lighting systems, and the services of drinkable water, sewage and fire systems.

After an accurate engineering study to analyze the best solutions, it was decided to repair the berthing facility and the protection executing 1,284 N80 steel smooth pipe micropiles measuring 139.7 mm of external diameter, 17 mm thick and 32 m long. for a total length of 41,088 m.