Spring for transfer of fuel, Miraflores, Panamá.

Ports and airports

Construction of a dock for the unloading of fuels with capacity for avPanamax ship and for the supplyvof tug boats with diesel. The works are carried out next to the Miraflores locks, a central point of the Panama Canal.

It includesvthe construction of:
• 4 dolphin docks of concrete of 4,5×4,5 m on 4 piles of 24” (60 cm) of diameter and 19 m long, with sleeve lining, provided with marine defenses and executed with maritime means.
• Mooring trusses to the mainland of 35 m long for the dolphin docks and anchorage to the ground of their foundations.
• Work platform in water in reinforced concrete, 22×10.30 m, on 12 piles 48” (120 cm) of diameter and 20 m long, executed with provisional sleeve covering and built by marine means.
• Access bridge to the work platform of 33×6.5 m with reinforced concrete slab on steel beams and reinforced concrete abutments supported by 30” (76 cm) diameter piles, executed with provisional sleeve covering by maritime means.
• Casing protection of the dock, including the execution of the underwater slope, the installation of the sewn geogrid and the placement of the rock for filtering.
• Transfer system and discharge arm for diesel and bunker, electrical conduits, drinking water supply lines, access roads, parking lots and office shed.

The main work units are:
• 264 m of piles emptied on site with a 24” diameter sleeve lining
• 245 m of piles emptied on site with provisional covering of 48” diameter
• 136 m of piles emptied on site with provisional covering of 30” diameter
• 15,400 m³ of rockfill for protection.
• 219,131 kg structure steel
• 1,292 m³ of reinforced concrete
• 10.930 kg of steel for ground anchors
• 18.328 m³ of landfills and embankments
• 24,000 m² of geogrids and geotextiles
• 346 m of diesel transfer pipe
• 1,400 m of electrical conduction