Copisa lands 47 million contract to build a hospital in Peru

The project, which will get underway in the coming days in a consortium with other local construction firms in the South American country, is set to take two years. This award is the first to be made by MINSA (Ministry of Health) in a single contract and involves both the construction of the building and its systems as well as the provision of all medical equipment. The new five-storey building will have a total floor area of 20,000 m² laid out in a large main entrance hall surrounded by interior courtyards with natural light, an A&E department, 38 doctor’s surgeries, six operating theatres fitted with the latest equipment for clinical diagnosis and 155 inpatient beds. It is also to feature parking areas outside and inside the building. Copisa is to put in all the electrical wiring. This is the first project to be carried out by the construction firm Copisa in Peru where it has had an office in the country’s capital since 2011.