Maintenance of the City of Justice of Barcelona and L’Hospitalet de Llobregat. Spain.

Activities, Global services in buildings and installations, Maintenance

Preventive, corrective and routine maintenance of systems and infrastructures:

• Primary closures: roofing and façade.
• Secondary closures: doors, windows, balconies, glass.
• Primary interior divisions and elements: walls, partitions.
• Secondary interior divisions and elements: locks, doors.
• Exterior finishes: facing, brickwork and lining; plastering; stucco and painting; flooring.
• Interior finishes: facing, brickwork and lining; ceilings and plastering; stucco and painting; flooring; screens (curtains).
• Wastewater, sewerage and drainage: downpipes and small drainage, sumps.
• Fixed equipment: furniture and decoration, institutional signage.
• Window cleaning rigs.