Barcelona City Council grants the Làbora seal to Copisa

The city of Barcelona certifies the recognition to Copisa Constructora Pirenaica, S.A. as a Responsible Organization, and grants the Làbora seal, as hiring people socially vulnerable ensures the equal opportunities for the citizens of Barcelona.

The Làbora Program works to promote employment, and brings socially vulnerable people into labor market.

The project facilitates companies and entities to have access to a pool of candidates to find a person that bests suits their labor hiring needs.

The program has become a tool of reference and transparency, inside and outside the city, for its efficiency, participation and innovation in the employment of people with difficulties to access the labor market, and with full satisfaction of the contracting companies.

The Làbora Program is a City project promoted by the City Institute of Social Services (IMSS), and designed and managed in collaboration with ECAS (Catalan Social Action Entities), FEICAT (Insertion Companies of Catalonia), and the Red Cross.

Recognition to Copisa as a Responsible Organization