COPISA Constructora Pirenaica, pioneering company certified by AENOR with anti-bribery and criminal compliance standards

Copisa Group and its subsidiaries Copisa Constructora Pirenaica and CPI Copisa Industrial have obtained the certifications ISO 37001 for anti-bribery management and UNE 19601 for penal compliance.

Copisa Group and its subsidiaries Copisa Constructora Pirenaica and CPI Copisa Industrial have obtained from AENOR the certifications ISO 37001 involving anti-bribery and UNE 19601 involving criminal compliance, thus becoming the first Spanish construction group to achieve these two awards.

AENOR, a leading company in management systems certification, recognizes that Copisa Group and its subsidiaries have implemented the best practices in criminal and anti-bribery compliance, contributing to create a culture of integrity and business ethics. The Criminal Compliance certificate proves that the organizations have implemented a Criminal Compliance Management System that meets the requirements of the UNE 19601 Standard. This helps to prevent the commission of crimes and to reduce the criminal risk in organizations through the prevention, detection and management of behaviors not in accordance with company standards and current legislation. Moreover, the Anti-bribery certificate accredits that the organizations have implemented an Anti-bribery Management System that meets the requirements of the ISO 37001 Standard, helping organizations to prevent, detect and manage possible criminal bribery behaviors, complying with the legislation and other commitments acquired voluntarily.

Certifications ISO 37001 and UNE 19601 are voluntary and reviewable annually, providing strict guidelines to detect inappropriate behavior and to reduce significantly the risk of commission. Furthermore, they also confirm the existence of a culture of integrity, transparency and honesty in all the activities of the organization.

With these certifications, the Copisa Group’s commitment to transparency and best business practices is recognized. The Management Board of the company appointed a Compliance Committee in 2016 as part of a new Corporate Criminal Risk Management, Prevention and Detection Program, approving, in June 2017, the request to AENOR for the start-up of the process of obtaining both certifications.
With its achievement, a milestone is reached, which marks the business culture started by the current management of the Copisa Group, consolidating its total commitment to transparency and the national and international Good Governance standards. In this way, not only all the people that are part of the Group are involved in it, but it also involves all those agents that are related to the organization, whether they are customers, suppliers or other interest groups.

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